About our service


In 2007 we began delivering motor vehicle training under the name of The Pendeford Motorbike Project. The project was part of Employability and Skills training offered by the third sector providing additional, substantive and individualised first rung opportunities for disengaged students.


Today we deliver OCN E3 and L1 motor vehicle courses to 11 - 21 year olds in educational settings such as mainstream, PRUs, colleges and community organisations. We enable schools to use alternative provision options as an intervention to student's disengagement to reduce exclusion and provide education options for students that respond to practical skills based learning. Our service is a cost effective alternative to other vocational training providers. Our unique selling point is that we are able to deliver personalised/ bespoke training at our customer’s site.


Our qualified and experienced tutors are skilled at engaging with students. They provide all the resources required to deliver practical and engaging training to groups of up to 6 students. Our flexible service can operate out of most classrooms with no special adaptation required. Training, typically 30% theory/ 70% practical builds from student’s current knowledge and skills. Taught modules can include motorcycle maintenanceor motor vehicle maintenance. We also offer motorcycle riding training to enhance our curriculum.


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Typically, tutors bring all the necessary equipment to your school. Vehicles, tools and personal protective equipment can  gain access to classrooms on the ground floor although environments will need to be risk assessed prior to the start of training. Initial lessons will include relationship building activities. We also raise awareness of risks associated with working on vehicles in students for their wellbeing and insurance purposes.


Learner’s knowledge, ability and learning style are assessed at the beginning of training. The course content is based around mechanical servicing tasks and vehicle body work repair. Vehicle maintenance suits kinaesthetic learners but a multi sensory approach (VAK) will be used tailored to specific needs.


Students working towards their qualification can choose appropriate methods to demonstrate learning such as completing work sheets, or verbalizing answers to a scribe, or providing photographic evidence. Tutors are skilled at engaging groups, but we do ask that students have, at least, an interest in motor vehicles before participating.

Lessons last around 2 hours.


Motorcycle riding training can be offered as a reward activity or to develop riding skills and/or build understanding of safety issues around riding. Students, 16 years plus, can be supported to achieve their Compulsory Basic Training to validate their provisional driving licence.





We are an Open College Network West Midlands Centre No 61152. UK Register of Learning Providers No 10065325. Our delivery has been recognised as offering valuable alternative learning by Ofsted.